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Our Pool Service in Naples, FL starts at $59 monthly. Beach Pools Services is rated 5 Stars for expert reliable service. FREE month of service with our annual plans.

  • You trust us with your pool. Choose us for your Home Watching service too.

  • After Pressure Washing, we clean your pool and back-wash your filter.

  • Real savings on our $59 a month service with monthly filter backwash.

  • Elegant Pool Lighting for safety, security and classic beauty.

  • FREE month of service with paid annual plans.

  • You earn $l00 for each new client referral. 

Your Skin Benefits using our Elite Quality Salt Water Systems

Our salt water pools feel like a gentle day at the spa. Salt is incredibly healthy for the skin since it dehydrates toxins, infectious cells, and various pollutants in your skin's pores. This stimulates your skin to rejuvenate.


Your pool water can also fight skin infections, acne, eczema, psoriasis, & fire ant bites. Visine® Eye Drops have a higher salt content than in our pools. Your eyes, skin, hair, and clothes will all thank you.

Expert advice and fast service inspire goodwill. Our Savings and Benefits are second to none. Please call us today. 239-250-296I

Variable Speed Pool Pumps│Beach Pools Inc

Variable Speed Pumps make your entire pool system dramatically more efficient, saving you up to 72% on your system's energy bills. According to FP&L, you could save up to $948 over 3 years.

Pool Heat Pumps and Pool Heaters│Beach Pools Inc

Our Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps are among the industry's quietest and most  efficient. Call 239-250-296I for the best prices & warranties on pool supplies. Our customers know we deliver.

Pool Salt System Components│Beach Pools Inc

Why suffer with high doses of chlorine in your pool once a week that dissipate in the rainy season the rest of the week? Your eyes, skin, hair, and clothes will all thank you after swimming in our pools.

Our Photo Gallery is for you to have some fun. If you have a wonderful picture of your pool, please email it our way.

Our Elite Manufacturers:

AquaCal     Aqua TechniX

Pentair            BuiltRight

Raypak            PureChlor

Vgreen            Autopilot

Rheem             Hayward

Jandy                Bluffton

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