Our Pool Service in the Naples, FL area starts at $59 a month. Beach Pools Service is rated 5 Stars for expert reliable service. FREE month's service in our annual plans

Our Pool Care Packages

(FREE month's service with Annual Payments)

 Service Plan 1 (Weekly Visits)


Weekly this plan includes all standard chemicals, maintenance of pool water chemistry & check equipment. Monthly filter backwashed.

       Service Plan 2 (Weekly Visits)


Weekly this plan includes all standard chemicals, maintenance of pool water chemistry, pool wall brushing waterline tile cleaning, skimmer cleaning, water surface skimming and equipment checks. Twice a month pool floor vacuuming. Monthly filter backwashed.

All our plans are performed under normal weather permitting conditions. Gale force winds and hurricanes may require an added expense and/or understanding of the situation. We do not provide plans for vinyl, painted, fiberglass or above ground pools. We are looking for premium customers who want premium service. Our rates are based on receiving your payment by the 15th of each month for that month's service. If you pay after the 15th of each month, add $15 to your payment.

 Service Plan 3 (Weekly Visits)


Weekly this plan includes all standard chemicals, maintenance of pool water chemistry, pool wall brushing, waterline tile cleaning, skimmer cleaning, water surface skimming and equipment checks. Every week pool floor vacuuming.

Monthly filter backwashed.

Our expert advice, fast service, and savings with benefits are second to none. Please call us today.


Our 3 proven service plans are for screen enclosed 15'x30' pools or smaller. We also have service plans for larger pools, including open-air pools. Run your filter at least 8 to 10 hours each day during the summer. Chemicals alone won't cure stagnant water. Your filter manufacturer's guidance gives best results.

  • After Pressure Washing, we clean your pool and back-wash your filter.

  • Elegant Pool Lighting for safety, security and classic beauty.

  • Remember, You earn $l00 for each new client referral. 

Please have us on your guard gate list with a clear path to your pool. We will alert you to any pool problems with its degree of severity and importance.

We request pool owners allow us to deal with erratic water quality issues (leaks, pump issues, filter, etc.) in an expedient manner. We're only as good as your pool system allows us to be.

Pool Filter Service

Your pool filter needs cleaning when your starting pressure increases by seven psi or once a month. Our plans include filter cleaning at no charge. Your pool filter cartridge requires yearly replacement in accordance with the recommendations of all pool filter manufacturers. As filters age they become less efficient and add pressure to the pumping system equipment. This needlessly keeps pools looking dirty and causes premature repairs. Also, we must add more pool chemicals since the filter isn't doing it's job. Added maintenance means we must charge $15 dollars more monthly. Typically, when customers understand their pool requires $15 more in chemical costs each month, they tell us to automatically replace their filters on an annual basis just as the filter manufacturers recommend. DE filters are cleaned yearly.



Our company observes major holidays. When any holiday falls on a weekday, your service day will be the day before or the day after the holiday.

Our Elite Manufacturers:

AquaCal     Aqua TechniX

Pentair            BuiltRight

Raypak            PureChlor

Vgreen            Autopilot

Rheem             Hayward

Jandy                Bluffton

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