Variable Speed Pumps, Naples, FL - Beach Pools, Inc. F&PL says VSPs could save you up to $948 in 3 years. Compare our savings to anyone.

* Variable Speed Pumps could save up to 72% on your pump's energy bill.*
  • Programming will stay intact during a power outage. Our VSPs will automatically resume operation at the beginning of the program when the power is restored.

  • Programmable high efficiency TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) maintenance-free permanent magnet brushless 56 frame motor with Class F insulation.

  • 1.65 THP motor comes complete with a built-in controller. RPM levels can be set for 600 to 3450. The levels can be set in increments of 250. Digital inputs for pool automation compatibility.

  • Our self priming variable speed pumps will run for 3 minutes at 3450 rpm. After the priming mode is complete, our VSPs will start at your pre-programed speed.

  • Built-in freeze protection, runs our VSPs at 2600 rpm for 8 hours when ambient drops below 39°F.

  • Robust unique mechanical shaft seal allows our VSPs to accidentally run dry for up to 1 hour.

  • Easy to program variable speed controller complete with a built in 24 hour timer.

  • Our VSPs can be used for pool water with salt concentration up to 5000 ppm.

  • Easy to remove motor without disturbing the plumbing. All Reusable O-rings.

  • Our very tough and durable variable speed pumps have 3 year warranties.

  • FREE Filter Cartridges with paid annual plans. 

  • Since everyone needs this VSP, it's easy to earn $l00 for each positive new referral.

1 horsepower moving water through your pipes on high speed only takes ¼ horsepower to move that water through those same pipes on low speed.  
Our Variable Speed Pumps allow you to set your pump to your pool's requirements. No longer are you locked into a one size fits all pool pump. We will program your VSP however you wish. We can set it to run at a lower speed for a longer length of time, allowing you to save BIG money while your pool stays sparkling clear. It can also be set to run at higher speeds for your automatic pool cleaner then dropping to a low speed for the remainder of the filtration cycle. Tailor made for your pool . Start SAVING money today.

Programming the Raypak® Professional Series Pool Pump (a Rheem Company)

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